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Runners Clinic

Runners clinic 10 week programme

Throughout the 10 week programme we will go through an initial assessment and give exercises based on the finding of the assessment and discuss goals and targets surrounding your running/ fitness. These exercises will be progressed and changed throughout the 10 week period as the client progresses and gets stronger.

I will also help the client get a good foundation of strength through exercises as well whether its by at home body weight exercises or if they’re in the gym help them with exercises they can incorporate into their routine.

Assistance with training times and a manageable work load can also be discussed. Massage work is also offered when needed and when its requested if there is tightness and stiffness during the 10 weeks which is likely especially with first time runners.

Common complaints of runners I have seen is shin splints, stiff/ painful ankles that may be due to a history of multiple untreated ankle sprains, muscle tightness, knee pain, and lateral hip pain.